Those who know me know that I do not shy away from that L word. My email signature begins with, β€œLove really IS the answer.” My posts on Facebook include #LoveWins and

Love is part of my work as well. In The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck explains that β€œTrue listening, total concentration on the other, is always a manifestation of love.”

A question in my inbox reminded me yet again, that I cannot describe my work with people in just a few sentences. My work is based in love, respect, listening, hope, and β€œdoing what works.”

Who am I as a helper?Β  I frequently have the opportunity to introduce myself to someone who has been told by a trusted someone (or a search engine) that they should talk with me. My business card above is a start. My commitment to learning and improving must also be spoken about. And that fortune which has lived in my wallet since a November 2013 dinner with dear friend and colleague Bill Geis, Ph.D. is another important statement about me.

And what do I do when people contact me for help? People contact me through a variety of technologies. As my voicemail states, I reply as quickly as is realistic. I do not want to be the reason for a delay in a person finding the help they need, whether or not that help will include me. I encourage the person to let me know some specifics about their need, and I either offer to talk soon, or provide suggestions for other help.

To people in the Lawrence, Kansas, USA area: If you or someone you care about is looking for a compassionate and skilled companion in some personal work, please consider contacting me. The best start is by email to M.Epstein.LMSW@gmail.com

Much more info is on this site https://MarciaEpstein.biz