Reducing Suicide Risk

93% of people who attempt suicide do not end up dying by suicide.  This proves that it is very realistic to believe that even people who get to that dark place, can survive and thrive, with the right skills and supports.

One of the keys is finding the right helper(s) to guide one along the path to safety from suicide and/or self harm.  The right helper(s) is/are caring, respectful, patient, and knowledgeable.  She/he/they is/are well-grounded in recent research and best practices for reducing suicide risk.  That includes working collaboratively with the person at risk and those closest to her/him.

Counseling with ME?
Because of my extensive professional experience, my on-going training specifically in reducing suicide risk, my personal experience, and “the kind of person” I am, I may be the right person to help you or the person you feel so concerned about.  And if I’m not the right person, I will try to help you find that right person.

Living With Suicide: support group for people affected by suicide
This new group begins in 2017.  This is a “mixed group” for people 18 and over who are: survivors of suicide loss, survivors of suicide thoughts, survivors of suicide attempts and/or self harm, and their close friends-families.  The group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:00 – 7:30pm.  New members are welcome at every session.  If you, or someone you know, are/is interested, please contact me to arrange a time to discuss joining this group.  Thank you.

Stayin’ Alive: support group for survivors of suicide thoughts and attempt(s)

Cari On StayinAlive

Stayin’ Alive is the support group in Lawrence, Kansas for people 18 and over who have ongoing suicide thoughts and/or have attempted suicide.  (Starting in 2017, the group is also open to people living with suicide thoughts, but no attempts.)  Membership is open to people who can participate in Lawrence, regardless of residency.   The group is based on curriculum from the Didi Hirsch center in Los Angeles.  The Lawrence group was co-founded in September 2015 by Lori Reasoner, a paraprofessional counselor with experience with suicide, and me.  Since Summer 2016, my Peer Co-Facilitator is Cari Gottstein.  Up to twelve people participate in each eight(or so)-session series of this group.  Participants are asked to commit to a whole series.  We offer three series annually, starting mid-September, late-January or early-February, and early-June.  Helpful information is on Facebook at Stayin’ Alive.  If you, or someone you know, are/is interested, please contact me to arrange a time to discuss joining this group.  Thank you.

Suicide Prevention resources: a variety of specialized lists available

In the USA: Free, 24/7 Counseling for you or someone else
who is thinking about suicide
CRISIS TEXT LINE: text START to 741-741

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