Counseling Services

With Marcia Epstein, LMSW:
Support through Life Changes
Reducing Suicide Risk and Support for Suicide Bereavement
Ally to LGBTQ community

Families (by choice and/or origin)

People who are:
Adolescents to adults of all ages
Any gender identity & sexual orientation
English-speakers only at this time, sorry

Counseling is available by appointment:
In-person in the Lawrence, Kansas area
Via video call
By Phone
Supplemented by text and/or email

Location in Lawrence, Kansas:
Primary location has stairs
Primary location has friendly dog
Alternative locations or video-call are used when those are barriers

Consultation First Session: no charge
Sessions after Initial Consultation: on sliding scale $0 – $150+
Commonly the fee is $25 – $75 per session
Fee is per session, regardless of length, typically 60-120 minutes

None accepted

To schedule a Consultation/ First Session, please include email address, phone, and city where you currently live, in voicemail to 785.331.6440 or email to


More about how I work:

I work with youth and adults navigating a variety of life changes or personal goals.  However, much of my work is in three areas: suicide (reducing risk and/or support for bereavement); support for trans and nonbinary gender youth and adults; and grief.

I work very collaboratively, with all of my work informed by best practices in reducing suicide risk, because when the work is helpful for such intense work, it’s also helpful for other.

Before Scheduling Consultation/ First Session:  To help us determine whether we are likely to be a good match, I appreciate knowing a bit about what the person is seeking help with, and I encourage people to peruse this website.  I do not want to delay someone from finding the right help.

Consultation/ First Session: This is always free of charge.  Consultation is in-person in Lawrence, KS; if that is not realistic, then via video-call.  (This is also true for regular sessions.)  Barriers might be transportation, distance, stairs to my location, a dog in the location, or other.  Available appointment times currently include some weekday daytimes & evenings, and some weekend times. As with sessions, consultation might last 40 minutes or 90 or more minutes.

Fee for sessions after first:  I do not accept any insurance.  And I believe that someone seeking counseling/support/guidance should never be prohibited from receiving quality services.  My fees are based on what is realistic for the person.  Currently fees are generally between $25 and $150 per session, sometimes more, sometimes even less.   My reasons are to not add stress, and to also acknowledge that I do need to charge for my time and expertise.

Because of my low fees, I only accept check or cash payment, not credit card or online payment.  Most people pay at each session.  Some mail their check.  When paying by mail, prompt payment after each session (or in the first half of the month, for that month) is expected and greatly appreciated.

Length of session:  Sessions generally last 90 minutes.  Although in-person meetings are most helpful, video-call may be used when in-person is not realistic.

Supplemental text or brief phone calls:  I encourage communication as needed with my weekly clients, and I do not charge extra for supplemental text or brief phone calls as “check-in” or immediate support between sessions.

Location considerations:  We meet in Lawrence, near the downtown area.  My location involves stairs at either entrance and a friendly dog.  Please let me know in advance if either of those are a barrier, as we will need a few days in advance to find an alternative space that is quiet and private, or more likely, we will meet via video-call.


In the USA, free, 24/7 Counseling for You or Someone Else
CRISIS TEXT LINE: text “Start” to 741-741

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