Training and Consultation Services

Living = Learning

One of my areas of expertise and experience is the large area of suicide: from reducing suicide risk to support for people with suicide grief to “postvention” (assisting a school, group, or community after a suicide death or attempt.)  I also provide training on other counseling topics.

My work is informed by active participation in the international community of suicide prevention and more, starting with the American Association of Suicidology.  I am a lifelong learner, committed to providing effective services with caring and respect.

I am dedicated to helping youth and adults THRIVE.  As part of that, I train community members, paraprofessional counselors, college students, behavioral and primary healthcare professionals, attorneys, and more.  I also consult with public and private practice providers to enhance their abilities to develop and provide needed services.

Training on Reducing Suicide Risk or Suicide Bereavement Support:
~ I provide customized workshops based on current research and best practices.
~ Conference presentation examples, from the 2015 Midwest Regional Suicide Prevention Conference:
1. Compassionate Counseling with Transgender and Questioning Youth and Adults
2. Must Know’s from Support Groups for Survivors of Suicide Loss
3. Words Save Lives: Poetry and Lived Experience At The Mic

Training Fees:
Vary by content, materials required, duration, travel/location and more

~ I provide consultation to public and private behavioral and primary healthcare professionals/organizations for their work with people with frequent suicidal thoughts and behaviors and/or self harm, as well as those who are bereaved by suicide.
~ I am also available to media personnel covering suicide related topics.
~ 2013-2016, I served as the suicidologist consultant for the documentary film “The Listeners”

Consultation Fees:
~ Initial discussion, maximum of 20 minutes, by phone appointment: no charge
~ Consultation by phone, Skype, or in-person: fees vary

For More Info or an Appointment:
Please email

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