Some Things I Believe To Be True

Without laughter we explode, and that’s just not pretty.

Grief is about love, and there is no end to either.

Every person deserves joy in their life.

Shame and self-blame prevent healing.

Each person is doing the best they can with the info they have at the time.

Corollary: sometimes one’s best is not good enough.

It’s never too late to learn and change.

Substitute rather than try to avoid.

Plan for what to do WHEN we mess up again, because we will.  We are human.

Awareness + TOOLS = Change

Some of our guiding thoughts about ourselves are LIES.

Worries about the future are actually unhealed experiences from the past.

Sometimes what we have not yet spoken literally leaves us breathless.

Ask if the person has the energy to listen BEFORE venting.

The fee for every venting session is the sharing of at least one “highlight,” one good thing in this day/week/time of life.


And also…

Love really IS the answer.